Recommended Learning Activities Week 3 Covid-19 Closure

Hello everyone,

Please find the links below to this weeks recommended work for each of our classes.

We really hope that school opens up again soon and we can see you all.

Until that happens please try your best to keep reading and learning a little, be helpful and cooperative around the home for your parents and siblings, stay active outside and rest assured that everything will be ok and things will return to normal in time.

We look forward to hearing from some of you again this week.

Stay positive,

Mr. Mc Donald

Links to Activities

Suggested Ideas for all Classes – some ideas that can be carried out as a family

Recommended Activities Week 3 Ms. Swaine

Recommended Activities Week 3 Ms. Bridges

Senior Infants Revision Sheets

Recommended activities Week 3 Ms. Nimmo

Recommended Work Week 3 Ms Brooks

Recommended Work Week 3 Mrs. Meagher

Eleathanach Mrs. Meagher

Recommended Work Week 3 Mr. Mc Donald

Class Worksheets Mr. Mc Donald

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