Board of Management

The Board of Management has legal responsibility for the overall running of the school.

In Ballindaggin National School, we are very lucky to have a highly committed and supportive Board of Management. 
Essentially, the Board of Management  manages the school. The board has a very long list of duties to fulfil, included in these are;
The appointment of the principal, teachers and other staff
To ensure that the school fulfills its functions as set out in the Education Act 1998
It also has overall responsibility of the school’s finances.
The board meet regularly to discuss and ensure the smooth running of the school. All board members are dedicated to the welfare of the school, staff and students and they strive for Ballindaggin National School to be the very best that it can be.
The current BoM members are listed below. This BoM will remain in place for four years. A new BoM will be elected in 2023.
  • Chairperson: V Rev.  Fr James Fegan P.P.
  • Secretary: Mr. Conor Mc Donald, Principal
  • Community Nominee: Ms. Joan Rafter
  • Patron’s Nominee: Ms. Michelle Jordan
  • Staff Nominee: Ms. Patricia Brooks, Deputy Principal
  • Parents Nominee: Mrs. Stepahanie Hipwell
  • Parents Nominee: Mr. John Nolan, Treasurer & Maintenance Officer
  • Community Nominee: Mrs. Eleanor Farrell