As you may be aware, a new model for allocating Special Educational Teachers to schools was introduced recently by Minister Richard Bruton TD. The 2017 model is described in Circular 13/2017. Pupils will receive support according to a Continuum of Support for pupils and the type of support will depend on what approach best suits the pupil.

  1. Continuum of Support:

Pupils can be supported at three levels of support –

  • Level 1Classroom Support provided by the Class Teacher through for example differentiation.
  • Level 2School Support provided by the Class Teacher and the Support Teacher, based on identified needs (previously known as learning-support). Generally, pupils scoring at / below the 10th%ile on standardised assessments may qualify for support at this level.
  • Level 3School Support Plus provided by the Class Teacher and the Support Teacher for pupils with more complex needs (previously known as resource). Generally, pupils who have been diagnosed with a Special Educational Need (SEN) / learning disability may qualify for support at this level.


  1. Models of Provision:

According to the 2017 new model, pupils at School Support and School Support Plus can continue to be supported in the way that best suits them, through for example:

  1. In-class support
  2. Withdrawal in a small group
  3. Withdrawal 1:1
  4. A mix of provision.

The Circular frequently repeats the core principle that the greatest support will continue to be provided to the pupils with the greatest need.

Other elements are also present, but the four above are probably the most important ones for parents and teachers to know about as we endeavour to implement this new model together.


Thank you, as always, for your support and co-operation.


Circular 13/2017



The National Educational Psychological Service support our school in a number of ways.

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