Recommended Activities for Children During the Current School Closure

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please find links below to some recommended learning activities that you might like to carry out with your children at home during the current school closure.

These are the same activities that you will have received via the school  Aladdin Connect app.

It might be easier for you to view these activities by following the links below rather than on your phone. You  also have the option of logging onto Aladdin Connect online if you have access to a laptop or computer. Again this might make it easier to view some of the recommended activities.

As we have mentioned already these are only recommended activities. Please do not feel that they all need to be completed. Children do not need to spend hours at home doing school work.

Do not worry if you cannot print worksheets or follow some of the links in the recommended activities. Children will catch up on work when school reopens.

During the current uncertain times the health and safety, both physical and mental, of you and your family take precedent over any of the learning activities so please use your discretion.

Stay home, stay safe and stay active.

Kind regards,

Mr. Mc Donald

Recommended activities for Ms. Mimmo’s Class

Recommended activities for Ms. Bridge’s Class

Recommended activities for Mr. Mc Donald’s Class

Eleathanach for Mrs. Meagher’s Class

Recommended activities for Mrs. Meagher’s Class

Recommended activities for Ms. Swaine’s Class

Recommended activities for Ms. Brook’s Class

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