Recommended Learning Activities Week 2 Covid-19 Closure

Good morning,

We hope that all the children and families in our school community are safe and well at this moment in time.

Please find below a set of links to the recommended learning activities for your child/children’s class for this week.

As we have said from the beginning these are suggested activities only so please pick and choose as you deem appropriate.

If you can please continue to send pictures of your work to your teacher via the email address they sent to you on Aladdin last week as we really enjoy hearing from you and seeing everything that you are getting up to.

Let us hope that if we all play our part this current situation will pass sooner rather tan later.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask everyone to take a moment to think of and show their appreciation for the members of our school and wider community who are currently on the front line in hospitals and other areas of the workforce. They are doing a fantastic job and we hope that they stay safe while keeping all the rest of us safe and well too.

Stay home, stay well and stay active.

Kind regards,

Mr. Mc Donald

4th Class Maths Worksheet

5th Class Maths Worksheet

Eleathanach 345

Recommended Learning Activities Mrs. Meaghers Class

Recommended Learning Activities for Mr.Mc Donalds Class

Recommended Learning Activities for Ms.Brook’s Class

Recommended Learning Activities Ms. Bridge’s Class

Recommended Learning Activities Ms. Nimmo’s Class

Recommended Learning Activities Ms. Swaines Class


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