Update re Face Coverings

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We were delighted to see so many of our 3rd – 6th class pupils wearing their masks in school over the past three days. 

Thank you to our pupils and to you, their parents, for your cooperation and support with the recent recommendation.

We are awaiting further clarification from the Department of Education regarding the recommendation of mask wearing for children in 3rd to 6th Class. And as soon as any more information comes we will inform you.

We have spoken to 3rd to 6th Class pupils regarding face masks, why they have been asked to wear them and have taught them some mask etiquette over the past three days. If your child is wearing a mask in school we would ask that you also send in a small zip lock bag or small lunch box for them to store their mask in during play time and eating time. It may also be useful to send in a spare mask or two just incase one becomes damp, soiled or the straps break.

Attached is a poster that the Department of Education have sent us. You may find it useful in talking to your child about the correct way way to wear and handle their face mask while in school.

Kind regards,

Conor Mc Donald 

Face Covering for Primary Pupils

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