Mindful Monday

Today is the third Monday of the month and so it is the launch of ‘Mindful Monday’ in Ballindaggin NS.

Every third Monday of the month will be a night free of homework. Instead of sitting down to do homework together we are encouraging every family to engage in an activity, as a family, that promotes positive mental health and mindfulness.

We couldn’t have a better day for the start of this than today as the weather is so nice it is perfect to get out for a family walk.

If you are stuck for ideas there is a new area on the school website that lists example activities e.g. baking together, doing a jigsaw together. And, if you have any ideas yourselves please feel free to contact us and we can add them to our list.

We are also encouraging you to make this a technology free evening so no phones, TV, X-box etc However, if you so wish you can take a photo of your children engaging in a mindful activity and post it to our Twitter feed https://twitter.com/StColmans_NS (This will allow them to show their class what they did.)

Each child, particularly in the senior end of the school will have a small activity the Tuesday after each mindful Monday based on the activity that they engaged in with their family e.g. recording it in their copy.

Please take this opportunity to encourage your child/children to take some time to relax and enjoy some down time.

Thank you

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