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The 5th and 6th class pupils have been involved in a year long project encouraging others to save water. Their project Save Every Drop Be a Water Cop has sailed  through several rounds of competition to reach the finals on May 18th in The Mansion House in Dublin.

The team members are looking forward to displaying their project at the final showcase in The Mansion House, which is open to members of the public and and when they will have to present their work to the judges.
Already the class have prepared a  detailed presentation that was submitted to the judges.  This presentation earned them a place in the semi finals. At the semi finals Ciarán Doyle, Hannah Kavanagh , Claire Doyle, Jack Cullen, Ben Kavanagh and Conor Sinnott spoke for their class, at a dragon’s den style semi final competition selling their project to the judges.Their enthusiasm, knowledge and ideas wowed the judges who were very impressed with them at the semi finals.
Their project is about creative ways of not wasting even one drop of water. The team members made models that suggested creative ways of using rainwater within our homes , farms and businesses,  so that not even one drop of water , a precious resource is wasted. The group grew plan ts from collected rainwater and presented these plants to some of our local councilors on our Proclamatipon Day April 27th. The team hopes that the councilors have paid attention to their crop the drop message, as shown on the labels of the plants.
The Watercops want you  to know that you can help too. Visit their project blog Here you can read  about their project and vote for them in the Eco Unesco People’s choice award.
Please log on to the blog for the link to the people’s choice award, voting is open from May 2nd to May 15th.
Visit and follow the link to the people’s choice award and vote for Save Every Drop Be a Water Cop
Photos of the presentation to the local politician were taken on Proclamation day by photographers from the newspapers
Follow the link below to vote for our project. We are in the WATER Category “Save Every Drop, Be a Water Cop”!

Please also vote for FCJ Bunclody in the WASTE Category and their project “The Plastic World”


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