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On Tuesday April 2nd Ms. Whitty and Mr. Mc Donald traveled to Europe House in Dublin with 15 pupils from 5th/6th Class to participate in the ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Semi-Finals, also known as the ‘ecodens.’

The 15 pupils were divided between three projects;

  1. Cup Alert – this group of four girls had raised awareness around the issue of single use coffee cups and the negative effect they were having on the environment. They encouraged as many people as they could to start using their own reusable cup.
  2. Save a Bit Start to Switch – a group comprised of six fifth class boys. They concentrated on raising awareness around the negative impact of fossil fuels, particularly petrol and diesel. They encouraged people to buy electric cars.
  3. The Wildflower Girls – this group of five fifth class girls took an interest in biodiversity. They were raising awareness about habitat destruction and encouraged people to sow wildflowers in their gardens to help out pollinators. 

You can learn more about the different projects by visiting the groups blogs:

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