Cyber Bullying Survey

As part of a 5th/6th Class project on Cyber bullying we are asking 4th, 5th and 6th class students to complete a survey on their use of the internet. The survey is anonymous and it will take about 2 minutes to complete. Our literacy support students will analyse the data when all students have responded and present their findings to the senior classes before Easter.


Please copy and paste this link and use the password given to students in class to complete the survey:


Thank you!

School Reopen

Ballindaggin NS will reopen tomorrow morning at 9am.

There is still snow around the school and outside where people park.

Please allow ample time to travel to school and drop your child off safely in the morning.


Thank you.

School Closed

Ballindaggin NS will remain closed until further notice due to poor weather and road conditions.


A text was sent this morning at 7.25am communicating the school closure. However, the Text a Parent system may be under pressure and texts may be slow to deliver.


Please follow the school twitter feed for updates as they happen.


Thank you.



Active School Flag Outdoor & Adventure 2017/18

As part of our Active School Flag renewal efforts in St. Colman’s we have decided to focus on the Outdoor and Adventure strand of the Curriculum. As well as map reading, orienteering and trails we will be teaching/learning fundamental movement skills such as walking and running.

During the months of February and March, our Active School Leader students will coordinate a Playground Game of the Month. These games have been designed to help the children develop proficient walking and running techniques.

ASF Yard Leaders assisting Junior Infants

Child Protection

On December 11th 2017 new Child Protection Procedures were implemented for all primary and post-primary schools in line with Children First.

This has brought about some changes to the way schools deal with child protection issues.

To facilitate the training of all staff in these new child protection procedures all primary schools are entitled to take two half days to participate in online and offline material.

As our new Child Safety Statement and Risk Assessment must be in place by March 11th 2018 and because the online material has only just been made available St. Colman’s NS will close at 12:00pm on Wednesday February 21st and 28th to facilitate training and the formulation of the Child Safety Statement and Risk Assessment.

Links to Children First and the relevant circular can be found below for anyone interested in further reading.

We thank everyone for their cooperation with this.


Grandparents Day 2018

Thank you to all parents and grandparents who attended our recent Grandparents Day Mass. It made it all the more special having such a good crowd in the church. We hope everyone enjoyed the choir, the special prayers and the gifts presented for our grandparents.

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