Green Flag

St. Colman’s National School received its first European Green Flag award from An Taisce on May 21st 2012. This coveted award was presented to the school in recognition of its work in promoting recycling and waste management. A school committee was established under the guidance of Ms. Rachel de Brit the Green Schools Coordinator. It consists of school staff and pupils from all school classes. The committee worked together to formulate a plan to reduce the amount of waste produced in the school and to promote recycling. Regular monitoring takes place in each class to make sure that the action plan continues to work throughout the school. The results of the monitoring are on display within the school.



Energy Flag 2014

At the Green Schools Award Ceremony in Kilkenny in 2014 were Cormac Byrne and Gráinne Lee accompanied by Ms. Brooks and Mr. Murphy. St.Colman’s NS were awarded their second Green Flag for conserving Energy. We had Energy Rangers in every classroom, who ensured our Green Code for the Energy theme was upheld – ‘ Waste is our Enemy, So let’s save Energy’.
Each Energy Ranger’s job was to check that:
Lights were off and doors were closed at break times. Whiteboard monitor off when not in use. Plug out any electrical items that are not in use eg. Laminators. Remind teacher/children to take jumpers off and to open the door and let the heat around the school, if they are too hot.
We reduced our consumption of Water from 0.63 kWh per person per day down to 0.47 kWh per person per day.

Water Flag 2016

At the Green Schools Award Ceremony in Kilkenny in 2016 were Danny Nolan and Tamara Kelly accompanied by Ms. Brooks and Ms. Kennedy. St.Colman’s NS were awarded their third Green Flag for conserving Water. We had Water Cops in every classroom who ensured our Green Code for the Water theme was upheld – ‘ Save Every Drop – Be a Water Cop’.
Each Water Cop’s job was to check for leaks every time that they use the toilet or sink. If they do find a leak, they can then tell the green school committee member in their class who in turn tells Ms. Brooks who can then notify the caretaker .
We reduced our consumption of Water from 9.8 litres per person per day down to 7.5 litres per person per day.

Travel Flag 2018
Our Travel Flag will be renewed in 2017/2018 School Year.
We are working on Walking to School Once a Week (WOW). Children are encouraged to; Walk from their house , if it is close enough; Park and Stride at a location in the village; Car-Pool with friends and/or neighbours; Cycle if it safe from your house or get the Bus.
Noeleen, our Travel Officer, has visited us on numerous occasions to see how we are getting on. She has conducted surveys to see how many children are participating in our Walk Once a Week Activities. As you can see in the chart below we increased from 0% in October 2016 to 96% in June 2017 once we had implemented our WOW.

You can see the break down of each travel mode to school and how we have reduced using the car and increased all other modes of transport.