Christmas Raffle

A Christmas Raffle will be held on Friday thanks to a kind donation of “An Ice Christmas Chocolate Biscuit Cake” and two Chocolate Biscuit Christmas Puddings made by Jessica Davies, Kyle and Mackenzies Mom. Tickets are on sale at the school costing 20 Cent Each or 10 for 1 Euro.






Hurling 365

Check out the images from our last @Hurling365 session.

Skills List

Here is a list of the skills which we teach your children during Hurling365. The list has been compiled from the GAA’s Fun Do resource.

Click on the link to have a look at the Hurling 365 Twitter page.


Hurling 365 Skills List

Hurling Fun

Download, print, colour in and have fun hurling or playing camogie for your school and club.

My name is and I hurl for (boy)

My name is and I hurl for (girl)

November Newsletter

Newsletter November 2014

Hurling 365

Hurling 365 resumes next week:

Tuesday @ 3:10p.m. for 3rd – 6th class pupils

Wednesday @ 3:10p.m for JI -2nd class pupils

Every pupil who attends next week will get a cool new sticker to help promote Hurling 365!

In the mean time have a look at some of the work we have being doing in school to try to improve our hurling.

5th/6th class students came up with slogans and made posters to promote hurling.

Each month we will have a new skill to practice. At the end of each term we will have a skills competition and the most improved player in each class will win a prize!!


Every month there will be a new ‘Legend of the Game’ on our notice board, we start with Liam Dunne this November so if your in the school have a look and read some of his achievements.


All players will get a chance to participate in a Winter Hurling league at Hurling 365.

The Active Schools Committee are going to create fun and new games for everyone to try out in school and during Hurling 365. We look forward to these.

Don’t wait for training to practice, don’t wait for Hurling 365 and don’t wait for someone to tell you to do it:

All of hurling’s most important skills can be practiced and perfected alone. Try to “shake hands with your hurley” every day. Just 20 minutes a day can greatly improve your skills.
For example striking out of the hand. Strike off you left and right. Attack the ball on the rebound. Run at it, don’t crab over and back like a tennis player try to “intercept” the ball. You should aim to take just one “touch” of the ball with the bás of the hurl gain control over the ball and deliver it to your catching hand. Turn to the other side of the body and strike again.
Pick ups also are easy to practice alone. See how many pick ups you can do in half a minute, 30 is an OK score. When rising the ball KEEP BOTH HANDS ON THE HURL one handed pick ups in open play are a bad habit. If it goes wrong you look really dumb, if it goes right no-one notices so it’s just not worth it.

“Hurl away everyday”



Our oral language theme for November is ‘Hobbies.’

Take a look at the wonderful word cloud fifth and sixth class created today outlining a list of our hobbies.

Roinn B Co Final

Well done girls on a fantastic and entertaining final. You did yourselves and your school proud and played to the best of your ability. Thank you for a great year of football and for all the effort at training.  The Chairman of the Rackard League was impressed with the crowd from Ballindaggin so thanks to everyone who came to support last night. We are going to continue to play football and the mini 7’s competition will take place later on in the year. A link to the match report is included below.


Well done girls.

Mr Mc Donald

Match report

Roinn B Girls Football Final

Final Poster

Your support is needed!!

Come support the girls football team in their upcoming county final.

Click on the image above for details.


Halloween Poetry Competition Winners:

Kevin Ryan Dunbar Rang 3

Conor Ryan Dunbar Rang 4

Hannah Kavanagh Rang 5

Olivia D’arcy Rang 6


Olivia’s Poem

Crack, creek, there it goes!

Is it just the wind, do you suppose?

I pull the sheets over my head,

And thoughts of evil fill my head.


Scrape, slither, the windows shake!

It’s normal I think, but my insides shake.

It’s vampires, werewolves and zombies who

Are eating my brains all covered with goo!


I’m too old for stories, I say to myself,

While planning escape by climbing the shelf.

OMG! That so isn’t funny!

That shadow just looked like a 6 feet Mummy!


“Trick or Treat?” I hear it scream,

And I suddenly realise it’s Halloween.

OMG! I’m really gonna get her!

My mother really should know better!