Shrove Tuesday – Simple Pancake Recipe


– 100g flour

– pinch of salt

– 1 egg

– 300 ml milk

-1 table spoon of oil



1)Sift flour and salt into mixing bowl.

2) Make a well in the centre.

3) Crack the egg into the well.

4) Add the oil and  half the milk.

5)Mix the ingredients with a wooden spoon.

6) Whisk to make a smooth batter.

7) Add remaining milk.

8)To cook add some batter to a hot pan. Cook until edges crisp and then flip.

9)Serve with filling of choice.


BY Chloe and Ciara

World Book Day

This week at St Colman’s we celebrate World Book Day Fest.

Activities will focus on books and reading in each class.

Each pupil will receive a Book Token which can be swapped or used at local Booksellers.

photo 2


On Friday March 7th we will have a Dress Up Day.

Pupils from Junior Infants to Rang 2 are encouraged to dress up as a Fairy Tale Character.

Pupils from Rang 3 to rang 6 are asked to dress up as a character from a novel the have read this year at school.

1st/2nd Indoor Hurling

Application for Enrollment 2014/15

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School Uniform Survey

This Survey is now closed.

Results of the survey can be seen by following the link below.

Thank you for your participation.

School Uniform Survey

Whole School Evaluation Report

The Department of Education and Skills have issued the Final WSE Report.

Please follow the link below.

15962T_WSE-MLL_13_Final (1)

Friendship Week



This week in St. Colman’s N.S. we are celebrating Friendship Week.

In honour of St. Valentine we are showing love to each other by

  • saying nice things to each other
  • including others in our games and play
  • performing Acts of Random Kindness
  • writing poems stories and songs about friendship
  • designing art that shows friendship

Help us to celebrate by becoming involved in whatever way you can and by being our friends too!


Indoor Hurling

Indoor hurling leagues for 1st to 6th classes will begin next week during lunchtime. 1st and 2nd class games will be played on a Tuesday and 3rd – 6th class games on a Wednesday.


Mini 7’s training continues for 4th – 6th class every Thursday and Friday at lunchtime.


3rd – 6th Indoor Hurling League Teams

1st/2nd Indoor Hurling Leagu Teams

5th/6th Clay

During the month of January 5th and 6th class worked with clay to make coil pots and grotesque monster heads.


               First off I would like to acknowledge the effort of parents bringing their children to Hurling 365 every Tuesday and Wednesday.  I understand that being a parent may sometimes feel like you are running a full time taxi service so I am truly grateful for the commitment shown. Without the commitment of parents the children wouldn’t arrive and the hurling would not take place. So thank you.

               On that I am delighted to say that the first three weeks of the Hurling 365  programme have been a huge success with numbers in the high twenties on both days every week so far.  The children and the coaches are really enjoying it. Long may it last.

               Finally as the start of both the boys and girls Rackard League Mini 7’s draws ever nearer I would like to draw your attention to something I read recently and I think it apt to share:


”We are playing for enjoyment, to be with our friends.

We promise to try our best to improve our skills, to help our team-mates and to obey the rules of the game.

We enjoy having older people watch us play. We ask that they applaud rather than criticise our efforts and the efforts of our opponents. Remember that we are learning a game that should give us a lifetime of enjoyment.

We may have to risk making mistakes in order to learn, please give us that chance.

We thank the referee for giving time to take charge of the game.

We promise to respect the referee’s decisions.

We ask the older people to do the same.

We promise to respect our opponents.

We shake hands before and after the game.”


C. Mc Donald