Step it Up

This week  classes began to start the ‘Step it Up ‘ program from Operation Transformation to help us all get more active so we will have healthy hearts. The ‘Step  it up ‘  program is where children all over Ireland  do an extra 1,000 steps a day.
On Thursday  1st/2nd 5th/6th class did the  dance to ‘step it Up’ together in Mr. Mc Donald’s room  it was a lot of fun so we did the dance three times. Not only was it great fun  but we were  all active,  making our hearts healthier.
Next week we will introduce the ‘Step it Up ‘ program  to the other children in the school,  so they can have as much fun as we are.
You’ll find the song and video at the web address below.  Maybe you would like to give it ago at home.

Also on rainy days to ensure each class gets active teachers are now implementing the ‘Bizzy Break’ programme provided by the Irish heart Foundation. Click on the link to find out more.

Get outside, be active, have fun.

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