ASW 60 Minute Challenge

As part of Active School Week the children will be completing at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day during the week and, ideally, carrying this level of activity through to their everyday lives. 


The ASF Committee have laid out an ‘Active Walkway’ around the school grounds and this will serve as a way of having the children complete a walking/running challenge once during the school morning and once in the afternoon before home time. The Walkway is 300m long and involves walking on grass and tarmacadam and both up and down hilly areas.

Some of the other methods in which the children will meet their target of 60 minutes exercise per day during the week will be:

  • Walking, cycling, scooting to and from School
  • Completing their Active Homework (only physical/active homework will be given this ASW)
  • Completing physical activity or training with their local sporting club